NIKANEMC offers advisory for entire export process, including; customs management, legal, operational, and logistic management to the destination in accordance with the terms of contract and Incoterms selected.


NIKANEMC works with clients to enhance their competitive advantage by locating partners in various countries to sell products and services in new markets

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As for the logistics, we have an excellent logistic team to take care of Sea and Road transportation. Even when the term of contract is FOB where we have no responsibility for the carriage, we still help our customers in order to choose the best companies and best rates for transportation.

As a commercial export company NIKANEMC

 has tried to use all of its capabilities to meet the customers’ needs.

Our commitment to maintain a long term relationship with manufacturers and buyers of goods around the world.

e take our clients needs seriously and happily adjust our sourcing, delivery and selection to suite your specific business needs


We are morally accountable 

against the commitments for our audience.